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Sleddog tours at Axehandle Mountain

Sleddog tours and winter adventure at Axehandle Mountain, We aim to offer you the very best in winter adventure, our sleddog tours have been recommended by both TIME and OUTSIDE magazine. We can teach you to drive your own sleddog team of pedigree Siberian huskies, and don´t worry, everyone is a beginner when they arrive here but our fully qualified guides will help you through your stay.

Our sleddog tours are from short trips at base camp for beginners up to 5 days mountain trips for the more experienced adventurer and everything in between. We are well equipped to teach children as young as 7 years, so this becomes a true family holiday.

Our 2 and 3 days tours into hotagen nature reserve staying in cabins at Almdalen are exclusive to us and up to 190km sledding in 3 days offers you an experiance not to forget!

Back at our kennels you will find quality accommodation and good home cooked Swedish food, with all attention on the environment and animal care. Please take a look round our website and don´t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Running into our 16 th winter season!

The dogs are getting excited now with the temperatures well below zero we can start some serious running, our winter calender is filling up and with only a few places left we are looking forward to bu... Read more.

Sleddog tours news

Sleddog tours and winter adventure

Sleddog tours and winter adventure

Want to drive your own team of huskys? At Axehandle mountain this dream becomes reality. All sleddog tours are run by experienced guides from sh... Read more.

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